Sunday, March 27, 2011

Hell Train

I bought a ticket to go home on for the week and a few days ago I received a message saying that my train was canceled and there was not alternative. So now all I want is my refund, this should not be that hard.

I have been calling Amtrak for the last few days trying to get a hold of a human being and have been placed on hold for over 30 minutes every time. At the 30 minutes point my cheek hits my phone and some how turns me being on hold into a conference call with my voice mail. Then I have two robots yelling at me at once. "please enter you pass code then press pound", "thank you for your patients please stay on the line" as well as some crappy band from the 90's playing on the hold line. I hit the point where I just can't take it and hang up. only to call back an hour later and have it happen to me all over again.

Today after another 30 minutes on hold and being extra careful to keep my cheek from hitting the touch screen,  I finally got to a real human being. All I want is a refund and all the guy on the other end of the phone keeps saying is "those tickets are like money in your hand."
He finally tells me I have to go to the train station and turn the stupid tickets in to "start" the refund process, then it takes at least two months to see a refund. I then asked the guy, "what if I burned the tickets? then could I get a refund" he replied with "I would not do that ma'am, those tickets are like money in your hand." I am very disappointed in you Amtrak, and will never believe your commercials about no stress travel again!

So if you decide to take the train somewhere be ready for it to be canceled and for you to have to waste time trying to get a refund, as well as paying out the butt for a last minute plane ticket you should have just bought in the first place. But through all of this never forget that "those tickets are like money in your hand"

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Monkey brains

Have you ever bought a gift that you got attached to before you had the chance to wrap it up and give it away? This happened to me a lot when I was younger. I always wanted to keep the cool present I got for a friend's birthday. Well, I have grown up since then... or so I thought. Now I cannot wait for my friends to open the gifts I get them. I even try to get them to open it early, because I just cannot stand the excitement. Recently, I bought this awesome finger puppet for a friend, and it is taking everything inside of me to give him away. We have gotten so attached I even have a voice for him, he is very intellectual and well spoken, if you can believe it. Well, if you are the person receiving that awesome little guy, I'm sorry, I have once again gotten too excited and given away the surprise. 

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Puppy love

My friends and I decided to brave the storm last night with a mission for a strong drink at a somewhat dry bar. By the time we got to a bar we all looked like thirsty wet dogs. Something about having to trek to a bar makes the drinks taste to much better. When I arrived home my night got even better because I was watching a lovely little pup. 
There is nothing like culldes in the morning with a four legged friend.

This was not my first night of drinking and waking up with a dog spooning me. Last summer, I was woken up by my brother and his wife laughing, because there dog had crawled up on the bed and made me a little spoon. I was very surprised when I woke up to find a paw over my shoulder. But for a gangley Grey Hound he was a top noch spooner.
Thanks for the cuddles Ret. (Photo by Justin Smith)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Graduation Speech

I had a dream last night about my graduation. The person giving the speech to the graduating class  was Pauly D from the Jersey Shore. Then I asked him to sign my shoe.
Unfortunately this is not a rare event for me. The cast of the Jersey shore pops up in my dreams about once a week. It's kind of like we're friends now.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Great minds think alike

I was recently sent an awesome link about creepy old robots doing basic important jobs, none of the space age shit like we see now. Remember the simpler times when you just wanted a robot to clean your room or make you a pb&j sandwich, oh the dreams of a 5 year old. Well, apparently other people were thinking this too, and one of those clever minds was Leonardo da Vinci, made famous by Tom Hanks and a movie about a code. Well all he wanted was a robot to train his bird. he drew up the plans, but never made it. This picture is what was made when his blue prints were discovered.
Imagine waking up to that thing whistling in the corner. Creepy

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My nightmare is still here

Last night I had a very long odd dream. I won't go into much detail about it but a part that stuck out was me on a fishing boat (I secretly want to be on Deadliest Catch) and i was pulling in a man who had gone over board. every time in put my arms in the water they felt like they were in ice and when i pulled them out it felt like they were on fire. I woke up with a rash from my wrists to my arm pits. the day is almost over and it is still here. Maybe tonight I will have a dream that will make the rash go away.