Sunday, October 16, 2011

Awkward dog

Through my research I have found that the Greyhound is the most awkward dog on the planet. I have done extensive studies on my brothers dog Ret and found he is uncomfortable in social situations, not knowing what to say or do. Often sitting in awkward positions and saying things at the wrong time.
If you try to involve him he gets too excited and makes weird dinosaur noises, then gets embarrassed and turns away.

So what makes any dog more awkward? Dress them up!
here are some Grehounds in wird things for your enjoyment.

Ret getting random in his viking gear in preparation for Valhalla

Turtle necks never look cool but in this situation it extends into what I can only describe as a full body thermal. where you going in that thermal dawgling?

This AT-AT costume takes the cake. I wounder if he feels  a little more awesome thean he did yesterday?


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