Friday, August 19, 2011

Hey, I have 2 Left Feet

So last weekend I was going to a friends birthday party. I was in the mood to dress up so I dusted off the old high heels and slipped them on. After standing at the bar for about 45 minutes my feet hurt so bad I could barley carry on a conversation. It felt like they were being pushed in opposite directions.
I decided to go to the bathroom not because I had to pee, but because I wanted to sit alone in a stall and shed a few tears in private for my poor toes.
When I got into the stall I looked down at my feet. they looked very odd to me... they were pointing the wrong way. I immediately took them off and put them on the correct feet. I think I said "Oh, Thank God" a little to loud, because the girl waiting to use the stall gave me a very odd stare when I opened the door.
I would like to point out I had not had a single sip of alcohol, so there is really no excuse.
But lesson learned, always double check my shoes before I go out in public.

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