Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Monkey brains

Have you ever bought a gift that you got attached to before you had the chance to wrap it up and give it away? This happened to me a lot when I was younger. I always wanted to keep the cool present I got for a friend's birthday. Well, I have grown up since then... or so I thought. Now I cannot wait for my friends to open the gifts I get them. I even try to get them to open it early, because I just cannot stand the excitement. Recently, I bought this awesome finger puppet for a friend, and it is taking everything inside of me to give him away. We have gotten so attached I even have a voice for him, he is very intellectual and well spoken, if you can believe it. Well, if you are the person receiving that awesome little guy, I'm sorry, I have once again gotten too excited and given away the surprise. 

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