Sunday, March 27, 2011

Hell Train

I bought a ticket to go home on for the week and a few days ago I received a message saying that my train was canceled and there was not alternative. So now all I want is my refund, this should not be that hard.

I have been calling Amtrak for the last few days trying to get a hold of a human being and have been placed on hold for over 30 minutes every time. At the 30 minutes point my cheek hits my phone and some how turns me being on hold into a conference call with my voice mail. Then I have two robots yelling at me at once. "please enter you pass code then press pound", "thank you for your patients please stay on the line" as well as some crappy band from the 90's playing on the hold line. I hit the point where I just can't take it and hang up. only to call back an hour later and have it happen to me all over again.

Today after another 30 minutes on hold and being extra careful to keep my cheek from hitting the touch screen,  I finally got to a real human being. All I want is a refund and all the guy on the other end of the phone keeps saying is "those tickets are like money in your hand."
He finally tells me I have to go to the train station and turn the stupid tickets in to "start" the refund process, then it takes at least two months to see a refund. I then asked the guy, "what if I burned the tickets? then could I get a refund" he replied with "I would not do that ma'am, those tickets are like money in your hand." I am very disappointed in you Amtrak, and will never believe your commercials about no stress travel again!

So if you decide to take the train somewhere be ready for it to be canceled and for you to have to waste time trying to get a refund, as well as paying out the butt for a last minute plane ticket you should have just bought in the first place. But through all of this never forget that "those tickets are like money in your hand"

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  1. Funny if it was a story, but I know it really happened to you. ARGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!